town craft

TOWNCRAFT は、1927 年~J.C.Penny の派生BRAND として誕生しました。BIG MAC やPAY-DAYなどと肩を並べる J.C Penny の代表するSTORE BRANDです。50s~70s のTOWNCRAFT は、当時のWORK BRAND と違い新しい素材や装飾、デザイン性を重視し大量生産の古き良きアメリカを象徴しています。

私達は、古着から洋服に素晴らしさ、奥深さを学び、そのデザインソースを基により快適で着心地のよい洋服を基本にTOWNCRAFT を現代にプレビューし展開しています。

The TOWNCRAFT brand was created as the original store brand of J.C.Penny in 1927. It is as widely recognized as J.C.Penny's other original brand, such as BIG MAC and PAY-DAY.
In 1950's to 70's, unlike other workwear brands, TOWNCRAFT explored to use new materials. The brand's unique design and craftwork were taken into mass merchandising and became a symbol of good old America.

We study, and we looked into the vintage old clothes, retrieve the wonderful essence of the brand's deep design source.

We proudly re-introduce TOWNCRAFT with the concept as good as it was in the old time, but with more comfort only we can deliver at present time.